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740 credit score is mortgage sweet spot
3/1/2015 6:00 PM
Credit score requirements for mortgages have inched up over the years...Read More
7 crucial facts about FHA loans
3/1/2015 6:00 PM
FHA loans play a vital role in today"s real estate market. Here are seven important facts to know...Read More
Paperwork you need to get a home mortgage
3/1/2015 6:00 PM
Do you have strong credit? You"ll still need to jump through hoops to secure a home loan...Read More
4 secrets to budgeting for a home purchase
3/1/2015 6:00 PM
A good budget plan begins before a homebuyer makes an offer. These tips can help...Read More
For PITI"s sake: Mortgage acronyms defined
3/1/2015 6:00 PM
Think HUD-1 is what a quarterback says? Learn the definitions for 17 mortgage acronyms...Read More
Joan Rivers" NYC penthouse for sale
3/1/2015 6:00 PM
Are you "Fashion"-able enough for this elaborate abode? Take a peek at Rivers" posh pad...Read More
Home construction loans and how they work
2/26/2015 6:00 PM
Getting a loan to build your house is a complex process. Here"s how to do it...Read More
Thank Yellen, Greece for dip in mortgage rates
2/25/2015 6:00 PM
The central bank won"t cut short-term rates soon, leading to a drop in mortgage rates...Read More
Video: Mortgage rates for Feb. 26, 2015
2/25/2015 6:00 PM
Mortgage rates moved lower this week...Read More
National mortgage rates for Feb. 26, 2015
2/25/2015 6:00 PM
See rates from our survey of CDs, mortgages, home equity products, auto loans and credit cards...Read More

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